Business Consulting

Trade Shows

We have extensive experience with trade shows.  We can help save money in the acquisition of a trade show booth, help in the design, and in the promotion of your products at the trade show. 

Shipping, warehousing, & Logistics.

We can help set up warehousing, shipping and all logistics involved in the transportation of your various products, and inventories.  With our vast experience in these areas, we can set things up  in the most cost effective manner, which will save your company money. 

Import & Export

Our company can also help you to import, and export products all of the world, in the most competitive manner.  We have a lot of experience in international trade, dealing with China, Japan, Australia, Europe, and other countries. 

Distribution & Fulfillment

If  you are going to sell your product nationwide, you will need to have a distribution, and fulfillment system, which will process orders, and ship them all over the country, without delay.  We can help set this system up, in the most cost effective manner. 


We can help with obtaining the territorial licensing rights to a new product, along with patents, and trademarks. If you have a unique protected product, then you can also consider granting various licenses for its sales and distribution. 

Expansion & Negotiations

We can also help with the myriad levels of business negotiations, dealing with expansion, product or company acquisitions, or in selling off of a division or product line. 

Whatever your business consulting needs are, we can help.

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